Summer School on the Culture of Tolerance Opened


Summer School “Rethinking the Culture of Tolerance – The New Challenges of the European Integration Process,” which is attended by 36 students from 15 countries, was opened today at the University of East Sarajevo.

Vice Rector for International Cooperation and Quality Assurance of the University of East Sarajevo Professor Dr. Dejan Bokonjić pointed out at the opening how the School is intended for Master’s and PhD students of social sciences from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Italy, countries of the region, EU, as well as international students.

Bokonjić emphasized that the school – which is organized jointly by the University of Sarajevo, University of East Sarajevo and the Bicocca University in Milan – represents a very important moment in cooperation between the three universities.

“The aim of this event is multiculturalism and tolerance, which is a very important topic, not just in the Western Balkans, but in all of Europe, as well. I am certain that through discussions and dedicated work in the next few days we will reach conclusions on some of these problems, which will lead us to new things to expand upon in the following editions of the School. This summer school is just the beginning of the story that continues next year in Milan,” Vice Rector Bokonjić said.

Addressing the students, lecturers and guests of the School, Professor Dr. Ugo Vlaisavljević, Vice Rector for International Cooperation of the University of Sarajevo, said that this summer school will help universities, participants and lecturers in establishing international cooperation, friendships and connections.

He added that taking part in the organization of one such international event is of great importance for the University of Sarajevo.

“I expect that in the following days we will discuss various topics related to philosophy, law, human rights, culture of tolerance, multiculturalism, culture of religion, education, post-war society and building trust,” Professor Vlaisavljević said.

On behalf of the Rector of the Bicocca University in Milan Professor Dr. Cristina Messa, the lecturers and the students of the School were addressed by Professor Marina Calloni, who thanked the Universities of Sarajevo and East Sarajevo for their cooperation and the effort put into realizing this project.

“We are honored to have had the opportunity to support one such project. I remind you all that the next Summer School will be organized in Milan during the EXPO 2015 event,” Professor Calloni added.

Tatjana Sekulić, professor at the Bicocca University in Milan, said that this is the first time for these universities to enter one such educational summer school project.

“One thing we find very important is the cooperation between universities on various projects, including the exchange of students and academic staff,” Sekulić said.

On behalf of the Embassy of Italy to Bosnia and Herzegovina, which is the general benefactor of the First Summer School, the participants were addressed by His Excellence Ruggero Corrias, who pointed out that the topic of the summer school is very current and of interest for all of Europe, and especially for Bosnia and Herzegovina, which is currently going through the process of European integrations.

The first day of the School continued with lectures taught by Professor Ade Kearns of the University of Glasgow, Professor Marina Calloni of the Bicocca University and Professor Dino Abazović of the University of Sarajevo.

The awarding of the certificate and the closing of the School are scheduled for Saturday, September 20, at 12:00 at the University of Sarajevo Rectorate.