First Day of the Summer School

First Day of the Summer SchoolThe first day of the Summer School “Rethinking the Culture of Tolerance – The New Challenges of the European Integration Process” began with a lecture by Professor Ade Kearns of the University of Glasgow on the topic “Understanding Tolerance in the Context from Static to Dynamic Way of Cohabitation and Engagement.”

Professor Kearns explained to the students the ideas of dynamic and static tolerance.

“Passive tolerance is when you choose not to get involved and do anything about the things that surround you and that you do not like or do not approve. On the other hand, dynamic tolerance teaches you how to overcome some things you believe are problems and how to tolerate them. During the process of dynamic tolerance you find an answer to the question of why there are some problems and lifestyles that make you feel a certain way,” Professor Kearns said, adding that the goal is to achieve progress from the static to dynamic tolerance.

Professor Kearns, one of the most renowned urban sociologists in Europe, said that he was honored to be a part of a project like this that gathers young people from Bosnia and Herzegovina and Europe.

“I particularly like the fact that the School is co-organized by the University of Sarajevo and the University of East Sarajevo,” Professor Kearns pointed out.

He emphasized the fact that there is always hope that tolerance can be achieved in a society where there was a conflict once in the past.

“Other societies have managed to accomplish this, so we know that it is not impossible. This Summer School is part of the attempt to get there. It is a long-lasting process, and this School is a part of the process,” Professor Kearns said.

He said that the School, which will next year be held in Milan, is an extraordinary opportunity for students interested in philosophy or politics.

In addition to Professor Kearns, lectures were given by Professor Marina Calloni of the Bicocca University in Milan and Professor Dino Abazović of the University of Sarajevo.

Professor Calloni explained the process from the creation of the idea of tolerance to the intercultural dialog, while Professor Abazović talked about facing the past and the consequences it has on the culture of tolerance.

Today, on the second day of the School, lectures will be given by Professor Enzo Colombo of the University of Milan, Professor Roberta Marzorati and Professor Fabio Quassoli of the Bicocca University of Milan.

The closing of the School and the awarding of certificates to lecturers and students are scheduled for Saturday, September 20, at 12:00 at the University of East Sarajevo Rectorate.

The official benefactor of the Summer School is the Embassy of the Republic of Italy to Bosnia and Herzegovina.