General notions and aims

The International Summer School ‘Rethinking the Culture of Tolerance’ is a joint program between the University of Milan-Bicocca, the University of East Sarajevo, and the University of Sarajevo.

The question of tolerance is one of the most challenging in the contemporary world. As the modern discourse of tolerance historically appears together with those of pluralism, liberty and autonomy, the pluralistic society at the global level, and particularly in Europe, needs more than ever a serious rethinking of the concept itself, together with the contextualization of the forms and practices of toleration as a response to the new models of intolerance and discrimination.

A critical discourse on tolerance and toleration seems to have a particular weight in the context of post-war, but also post-socialist and post-Yugoslav societies of the Western Balkans. Many important steps towards the rebuilding of trust and integration of these societies have been already made, but there is still much work to be done. In that sense the Summer School aims not only to create the condition for a ‘transfer of knowledge’: we opt to exchange experiences among lecturers and students from Italy and other European countries, local and regional universities.

General Agenda of the Summer School

The main topics we propose for an intensive one-week training will be approached from different points of view, analyzing the most important dimensions concerning the concept of tolerance, in an interdisciplinary perspective. The lectures will combine the traditional didactical methods with discursive ones; in the afternoon the attendants, together with the lecturers and tutors, will participate in the workshops, where some practical issues, examples and practices of tolerance will be discussed. The active role of the students is one of the main targets of this proposal, and the final discussion and the papers required for the evaluation are part of that aim.

The lectures and seminars will focus on the following themes:

  • Introduction to the philosophical concept of tolerance.
  • Theory of justice and limits of toleration.
  • Human rights and the question of tolerance.
  • Respect and tolerance, recognition and redistribution.
  • Toleration and cultural controversies.
  • Everyday multiculturalism and toleration.
  • Religious tolerance and its meaning today.
  • Tolerance in education and education for the culture of tolerance.
  • Post-war societies and the reconstruction of trust: the culture of peace.
  • European policies of toleration in a discourse of a stable peace.

The Scientific Committee members and lecturers

University of Milan-Bicocca: Marina Calloni, Roberta Marzorati, Roberto Moscati, Fabio Quassoli, Tatjana Sekulić (lecturers and members of the scientific committee); Ilenya Camozzi, Elena Dell’Agnese (members of the scientific committee).

University of East Sarajevo: Dejan Bokonjić, Darko Đogo, Mišo Kulić, Goran Marković, Zlatiborka Popov-Momčinović (lecturers and members of the scientific committee).

University of Sarajevo: Dino Abazović, Jasna Bakšić-Muftić, Asim Mujkić, Ugo Vlaisavljević (lecturers and members of the scientific committee). Mirjana Mavrak (member of the scientific committee).

Other Academic institutions: Gorazd Andrejč (Woolf Institute, Cambridge), Enzo Colombo (University of Milan), Ade Kearns (University of Glasgow) (lecturers and members of the scientific committee); Antonella Besussi (University of Milan), Anna Elisabetta Galeotti (University of Eastern Piedmont), Milena Karapetrović (University of Banja Luka), Paolo Segatti (University of Milan), Lino Veljak (University of Zagreb), Dragica Vujadinović (University of Belgrade), Pavel Zgaga (University of Ljubljana) (members of the scientific committee).

Summer School directors:

Dr. Tatjana Sekulić, University of Milan-Bicocca

Dr. Dejan Bokonjić, University of East Sarajevo

Prof. dr. Ugo Vlaisavljević, University of Sarajevo

The Summer School is organized with Patronage of the Embassy of the Republic of Italy in Sarajevo, B&H.

logo-footer-ambassy-italiaThe Summer School is supported by the University of Banja Luka (B&H), University of Belgrade (Serbia), University of Eastern Piedmont (Italy), University of Glasgow (UK), University of Ljubljana (Slovenia), University of Milan (Italy), Woolf Institute – Cambridge (UK), University of Zagreb (Croatia).


The Summer School is organized in collaboration with the Research Centers Etnicos, Diaforà and Pragsia, Department of Sociology and Social Research, University of Milan-Bicocca.body-logo-footer